The text of My Immortal over my old webcomic

(Age warning! My Immortal contains swearing and some (immaturely handled) mature themes. For now I haven't marked this comic as Mature, because the art is completely clean. Please let me know if I should.) My comic He Who Has Partners originally ran from 2009 to 2011. I stopped at page 158 (give or take) because I was just sick of the main character's unsalvageably childish behavior. It was essentially "grown man with Eighth Grader Syndrome honestly kind of hates his friends and complains about the state of music today." >w> It was...wincey. Anyway, for a while I hid the comic in the darkest depths of my hard drive. But now I'm slapping the full text of infamous fanfiction My Immortal right onto those pages. Back to front. Let's see how well things line up! (Please note that the art in this comic has nothing to do with My Immortal. This is not meant to be an adaptation.) Updates Mon/Wed/Fri, until I do all the pages or get bored with this joke.

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046: "Because..."
046: "Because..."


The text of My Immortal over my old webcomic launches! by Shoprocks
March 22nd, 2017, 5:18 pm
Today marks the momentous date of the launch of The text of My Immortal over my old webcomic! Comics coming soon!